Tuition Discount for Your Children

During 2013, many of you with high school students will begin the lengthy but important process of  selecting a college for your son or daughter to attend. Often, the first thought many students have is to leave home and go away to school. I want you to consider suggesting to your children that they look closely at MTSU before making that decision to move away. There are many reasons it can be the most beneficial choice both for them and for you!

First and foremost, I hope you feel as I  do that MTSU provides a quality education in a great university community with people who truly care about their welfare. Also, as a full-time member of the faculty or staff, your family is eligible for a 50 percent discount on undergraduate tuition fees and mandatory student fees. Combined with the wealth of scholarships that are available—such as the Buchanan, National Merit, Presidential, and Academic Service Scholarships—and the varied forms of financial aid MTSU makes available to thousands of students, the burden of paying for your child’s college education can be significantly lightened by choosing MTSU.

Finally, our campus has evolved greatly over the past decade. With so many new facilities, service clubs and extracurricular activities, students at MTSU today never have to leave campus to keep busy and to have a great time. Plus, they will be close enough to come home from time to time and get a home-cooked meal or a helping hand getting their laundry washed!

Here is what two members of our University family had to say about attending MTSU:

Alison and Kippy Todd

Alison and Kippy Todd

“I chose MTSU because it felt like a community geared towards my goal of learning at an affordable price,” said Alison Todd, daughter of Kippy Todd, a development officer in the College of Mass Communication. “MTSU felt like a place I could find unique opportunities for learning and, most importantly, quality. Sometimes, I do steal her peanut butter crackers in her desk between classes though.”

“The 50% MTSU tuition discount that faculty and staff receive is a tremendous advantage, and because it can be used during the summer term, Clay is graduating in three-and-a-half years,” said Ellen Jones, a technical clerk in the Biology department. “Not only will Clay graduate with a great education, but because of the tuition benefit he will not have any student loans to repay!”

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