True Blue is more than a slogan

We are pledged to develop and sustain a community devoted to learning, growth, and service.

We hold these values dear, and there’s a simple phrase that conveys them: “I am True Blue.”

Each time we repeat these words, we express not only the ideals we wish to share with our students but also our commitment to the student-centered culture we are building on our campus.

New students at Convocation take the True Blue Pledge. It commits them to practice our core values of honesty and integrity; respect for diversity; engagement in the community; and committing to reason, not violence.

We have been overwhelmed by the passion and attachment that “True Blue” has received on campus since it was introduced at last August’s Convocation exercises.

The Student Government Association adopted it as its official motto and redesigned its seal to emphasize “True Blue.” The pledge was incorporated into numerous student events, rallies, and other activities.

It has been well received not only by students and staff but also by our alumni and university supporters.

It was not intended to be a marketing slogan—and perhaps that is why it has resonated with some more deeply than just a phrase written for a billboard.

In short, True Blue stands for the very best of what Blue Raiders expect from one another.

And it means that together, we are committed to the progress and success of our University.

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